20 Awesome people I came across while blogging

20 Interesting people I met only because of blogging. Actually this is a post from my other blog ‘Digital Dimensions’.

Digital Dimensions

Image courtesy of xedos4 at FreeDigitalPhotosnet

Image courtesy of xedos4/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

We all know that blogging is not just about writing articles, reviews or whatever. In fact, blogging is more of a networking. Without networking with fellow bloggers, it is not easy to make a success in blogging. For example, if you are involved in blogging for at least few months of time, you will definitely develop a network of friends. You will come in touch with fellow bloggers through their comments. Then the involvements in social media sites make it easier for you to do the rest of the networking with fellow bloggers.

Don’t think that I am trying to write a post on networking among bloggers. Here I am trying to list some of the bloggers that I came across after I started this blog. The list of bloggers that I am posting now is not based on any rating, rank or order. For the…

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Guest bloggers for Digital Dimensions


I am looking for interested and suitable bloggers to write guest posts on my blog ‘Digital Dimensions


If there are anyone interested, please free to contact on my e-mail adress rejistephenson2000@outlook.com

Guest post guidelines

1.The post should be on any topic from the list given below:

*Social media
*Online marketing
*Writing Tips

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2.Please make sure that the posts should have a minimum word count of 500.

3.You can send me the post on the e-mail address rejistephenson2000@outlook.com

4.Remember to send a photo(Passport size) of yourself and a brief author bio along with your post.

5.There is no need to send any other photographs along with it. (You can send photographs if you have any photos taken by you for describing something in the post.)

6.I may add few photos to the post if there is a need to do so.

7.Please note that only unique contents can be accepted to publish.

8.Please feel free to contact me on my mobile number 044-07832982030 if you have any further queries.(Best days to call:Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday)

9.You can also leave me  messages in the comments column below so that I can get back to you  for clarifying any doubts regarding guest posting.


Thanking you

Reji Stephenson


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For what reason you should write a personal blog along with your niche blog?


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Thousands of new blogs are created every day. Why so much of people are into blogging now? Are they attracted to it because of various benefits it may offer? Do they think it is an easy way to make money online? But you need to survive those crucial and toughest period until you make your blog successful in terms of generating income.

Oh! Sorry, I am not here to discuss anything that help you earn money online. I am running away from my points. Actually, I am here to discuss the benefits of having a personal blog alongside your primary blog which is a niche blog. With a personal blog, the major advantage, I can enjoy, is the variety of topics I can write about.

Do you think your knowledge and ideas are only limited to a few particular area? That may never be the real fact. Everyone will have their own views and opinions on what they see, hear and experience in their day to day life. How can you write something about your recent holiday to ‘Gods own country’ in your technical blog? No need to say that you can’t write about the cake decoration ideas your wife or mother have in mind in one of your blogs dedicated to gadgets. Even a Christmas wish on my blog sounds to be unprofessional to many readers. I am pretty sure that having a personal blog will let me enjoy the freedom of writing about anything under the sun, as well as anything above the sun.

Even when I boast about writing anything under the sun, I am still unsure about the topics I can cover in this blog.  Sorry, I am just planning to write about few topics. Even I can’t say it is a plan. Maybe, I can say that I am hoping to do that or dreaming to do. Perhaps, dreaming is the most perfect word because anyone can dream about anything without losing a single penny from their pocket.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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Thank you very much for spending time with this blog. Have a great blogging journey for you.

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